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Super/Regular 8 Film

Your priceless memories will be handled with great care. The Reels are handled on a sprocketless telecine unit so that there is little chance of film damage. The Reels are transferred digitally 'frame by frame'. The Raw Media is then processed for colour correction, grain reduction and the removal of strong blemishes. It is then edited in chronological order on Final Cut Pro with your choice of music, titles and chapters. For this, I happily invite clients to be part of this process so that you are 100% happy with the final results. 

Magnetic tape media has a short shelf life of between 15 to 30 years if not stored correctly. Colour degradation, resolution and dropouts begins to develop. My professional grade tape machines will perform the best transfer possible to reduce any further losses. Tapes are run through a Broadcast Time Base Corrector for minimal drop outs, and then sampled at 10Bit rate for optimum capture.  

Your memories can be stored to digital in a number of formats to suit your needs: DVD, BluRay, USB, Hard drive or even Cloud storage. 

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Video tape

Digital Storage

Hi there, and welcome to FrameByFrame. My name is Domenic and I live in the Sydney suburb of Croydon Park with my beautiful wife and 2 lovely daughters. After working for over 25 years in the Broadcast and Audio/Visual industries, I saw fast changes in technology and media platforms which have enabled us to watch movies and favourite tv shows all with a few presses of our smart devices.

We take a photo or video today, its uploaded immediately. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about our own personal moments... our recorded family history going back over 20 years.

At a time of film and magnetic tape, Super 8 reels and VHS cassettes have recorded many moments in our lives but most of it has been forgotten. Locked up in an attic somewhere, in shoe boxes, are all those film reels, video cassettes, slides... etc. 

We owe it to our past and future generations to keep these memories alive. When it comes to archiving a family heritage it has to be done right.

Unlike other competing services that use obsolete, blended frame projectors, I transfer your film frame by frame using Moviestuff, the very same scanners used by The Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood as well as the Hugh Heffner Archives at the University of Southern California.

Each roll of your film is handled with utmost care. They are scanned individually on a patented Universal scanner with no sprockets or claws to damage your precious memories. And by maintaining each frame of film on a separate digital file, there is no frame blending which can cause a degradation of the film and loss of resolution. 

These files are then uploaded for colour correction, and grain and scratch removal using the patented NeatVideo process. Camera jitter is also removed if required.

Finally I edit the film in collaboration with you the client, so that you have control of the finished product. 


The results of these processes can be seen here.

I look forward to meeting you!

Thank you. 

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