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Reel sizes


Prices start from $25 per tape*************$45 per film reel 

Please call us on 0404 447 535 / 0431 916 374 for rates on all films, video, film slides and audio formats. 

*    We also provide a service where a musical soundtrack, sound effects, and titles can be added to your project                making it a visual documentary of your family history during the golden film period of Super/Regular 8.

**   Additional pricing for storage media (i.e. USB or HardDrive to be determined with client dependant on market

     rates of items.

***  Prices to be negotiated. For Full Terms and Conditions please click 

Video Tape Formats

Digital Memory

Every 1G of Data transferred is $5. 

2hr DVD transferred to HardDrive/USB is $10

35mm slides

Set up $30 (for jobs less than $100)

Per slide - $0.70

please call 0404 447 535 to discuss file sizes.

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